Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maybe I should get back on this

I started this particular blog with good intentions, then just .......... (falling off the internet)

Then there was a link to it from a coupon update I posted here, and it dawned on me someone might visit. Wouldn't be a bad idea to make a few updates. Plus, I do periodically make a food item someone wants the recipe for, but I never type it in. If my husband wouldn't laugh hysterically at me, I would start taking photos. Maybe I'll figure that in.

I have a few good meals in mind, and really should participate in Monday Meal Planning. Last week I scored some unbelievable deals at Giant Eagle. Over the weekend I did some fabulous shopping at Kroger as well as picked up my Angel Food Order.

Wednesday I roasted a chicken in my crockpot thanks to Stephanie. After we finished the chicken, I threw it back in the crock, added water, and cooked on high for 4 more hours. I chilled the broth and skimmed the fat. I pulled the remaining chicken off the carcass. Sunday it became the base for some udon noodle soup served with dinner.

I'll be back with more meals for this week.

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Lynn said...

I ignored DH when he would snicker when I took pictures of meals. Now he just shakes his head. LOL