Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favorite Kitchen Appliance

I found this entry that I created in September but didn't post. It is still relevant, although my once dependable Braun one day decided it would no longer run water through the grounds. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't heat the burner either. I went nearly 2 weeks without replacing it, although my coffee drinking only decreased slightly. Press pots work rather well even with Folgers (or Maxwell House). The coffee pot was replaced, and all is right (for us) in the world.

I have a number of appliances and kitchen gadgets. I would have to say my favorite appliance though is my coffee pot. It isn't fancy - 10 cup programmable Braun that is probably 8-10 years old, but it is dependable. I've always said that coffee is proof that God loves me. That dark goodness, flavorful, and smooth going down. Something about starting the day with a warm mug of steaming necter of love that makes my day.

And lest you think I joke, I also have a 4-cup programmable coffee pot in my bathroom. Each weekday my DH and I waken to the sound of the coffee's "drip-drip" and that final "hiss" as the pot finishes its morning brew. Ahhhh....I can arise and face whatever the day brings. And sometimes, it is my husband bringing me coffee in bed. Heaven on Earth!

And then the kids barge in.

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